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Glass Crafts
As a product of artificial technology, glass is an incredible medium and its flexibility and versatility can be adapted to many applications and environments. It seems to be cold and fragile, but it has been through the burning experience of fire to achieve its tenacity and purity.
In the history of the world glass technology development, lamp technology is ancient that has emerged and been used since BC. The subtle modeling and changing color of the lamp’s shaping , as well as its universal applicability, perpetuate the lamp technology after thousands of years of development, and it is still an important production method in the glass molding process.
When the glass rod or tube is heated on the burner, the lamp holder should adjust his gestures at any time to control the degree of softness of the glass to meet the requirements of different shapes. With the participation of fire, the glass material takes on the characteristics of instant changeability, which can be as thin as spider silk, or as round as beads, in various forms. Finally, the perfect combination of gas and fire is shown in the glass work.

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